Say Yes to Gift Aid

Dolphin in Cardigan Bay by Sarah Perry

Say Yes to Gift Aid and our Dolphins will be jumping for joy (picture by Sarah Perry)

You may soon receive a phone call from a representative of WTSWW asking if you are eligible for Gift Aid. These are genuine calls on behalf of the Trust and we kindly ask that where possible you take the call to help us raise much needed funds.

hareGift Aid is vital for charities as it helps us increase our donations and subscriptions by 25% without any additional cost to you. If you are a UK tax payer (nearly everyone in the UK pays a certain amount of tax) and pay an amount of tax that is equal to, or more than, the amount we will reclaim in the tax year, you can say yes to Gift Aid.

So, if you are a member and pay us £60 in any one year, we can claim an additional £15 in Gift Aid! As long as you pay at least £15 in tax in a year, then you can say YES to Gift Aid and increase your donation with no cost to yourself.

We understand that people can sometimes be wary about taking phone calls, however the more people that say yes to Gift Aid over the phone, the more money we can save, as this will drastically reduce the amount of letters we need to post.

You may already have received a call regarding this but were not sure how Gift Aid works, or preferred not to speak to someone over the phone at that particular time. Don’t worry, you can still say yes to Gift Aid by contacting our membership department on Tel: 01656 724100 and speaking to one of our friendly team. Alternatively you can drop us an email to with your full name, membership number and postcode, informing us that you would like to say yes to Gift Aid. It really is as simple as that.

If you do have any queries about this or would like to check whether you have already said yes to Gift Aid, please do not hesitate to contact us on Tel: 01656 724100.