Remember a Charity and Will for Wildlife Weeks.

Many of our reserves have benefited from generous legacies left to us by people like you. The week of 17 to 23 September has been designated Remember a Charity week across the UK, and presents the perfect opportunity to visit a wildlife haven that only exists thanks to a legacy or to consider leaving a gift to a charity in your will.

Create a Lasting Legacy for the Next Generation C. Wynne

Create a Lasting Legacy for the Next Generation C. Wynne

Will for Wildlife Week follows Remember a Charity Week and runs from the 15th to the 23rd October. A list of solicitors kindly offering discounts during Will for Wildlife Week is available in the summer edition of Welsh Wildlife. If you do not have a copy to hand or would like to know the discounts available and solicitor contact details and locations please contact Jon Cooper on 01656 72410.

Rhos Marion near Plwmp in Ceredigion has been purchased with part of a legacy received this year. This is an important grassland SSSI and forms part of Rhos Pil Bach a Pennar Fawr. Comprising of species rich neutral grassland and wet grassland it provides a home to the European protected marsh fritillary butterfly, the subject of our on-going Marsh Fritillary Appeal.

The increasingly rare dry neutral grassland is of particular importance being incredibly rich in plant life, often supporting up to 30 species of plant per square metre. This in turn will support a wide variety of invertebrates, providing food for birds and mammals. Improved land will often only support a low variety of plants ,therefore, supporting fewer animal species.