Photo-identification match!

We have a match!
On Friday 13th January 2012 the Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch carried out a boat survey to capture some photo-identification images of the bottlenose dolphins that have been sighted around the Island recently. Following on from their successful survey they posted some lovely images on the Manx Wildlife Trust facebook page. Having looked briefly at the photographs posted I thought I recognised at least one of the dolphins in the photographs. Sure enough having had a look at the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre's Bottlenose dolphin Photo-identification catalogue I can confirm that at least one of the dolphins seen by the Manx Wildlife Trust survey is a dolphin, known by CBMWC researchers as 056, and regularly visits Cardigan Bay. It has been photographed by researchers from the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre regularly since 2005. Usually photographed in Cardigan Bay throughout the summer months in the Cardigan Bay SAC. It's very exciting to have information and evidence of where some of these dolphins are during the winter months when they are not seen in Cardigan Bay and it shows how important it is to share information gathered about the wildlife found in our seas. We have so much more to learn about these amazing creatures. Thanks to Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch and Manx Wildlife Trust for posting some of their photographs.
We have now matched fin images of three of the bottlenose dolphins photographed in Douglas Bay, Isle of Man on Friday to those that visit Cardigan Bay in the summer. For further coverage of this exciting news click here.
Join a dolphin Survey
In 2011 CBMWC and Dolphin Survey Boat Trips teamed up with Friends of Cardigan Bay to run regular full day research surveys out into Cardigan Bay to photograph the bottlenose dolphins that visit the area. We plan to run these surveys again in the 2012 season. We invite members of the public to join our research team on these surveys to experience dolphin research first hand and to help fund them. Anyone interested in joining one of the 2012 surveys should contact CBMWC on 01545 560224 or email and keep an eye out on our facebook page, twitter and our website for 2012 survey dates.