New Wildlife Watch Awards

There are 3 new awards for Watch members to take part in.  They are the Hedgehog Award for all ages (and which is also open to non-members), the Kestrel award (for children over the age of 8) and the Nature Ranger for those who have already completed the Hedgehog and Kestrel awards.

Photo of girl in bluebells by Tom Marshall

Photo of girl in bluebells by Tom Marshall

Why take part?

By taking part we hope young members will:

  • Gain a sense of personal achievement and pride in their work
  • Develop new skills and knowledge
  • Enjoy applying their skills and imagination to a variety of tasks
  • Get to know more places and people in their neighbourhoods
  • Have a positive impact on wildlife or the environment, or on people’s appreciation of it
  • Be encouraged to take on projects they might not have done without the incentive of the award scheme
  • Develop a long term commitment to nature conservation
  • Find out about, and develop links with, their local Trust
  • Help raise the profile of Wildlife Watch and The Wildlife Trusts through publicity generated by their work
  • Have fun with their friends or families

How to get involved?

All Watch members and children of family members can take part.  For more information please contact Nicola in the membership department on 01656 724100 or email