Membership card abuse costs charity thousands in needed income

Landing fees for Skomer Island provide an essential income stream to support the important work on the island. The amount of money generated is affected by poor weather and the associated ‘no boat days’.

Skomer Island

Skomer Island

In some years the funds generated by the landing fees have fallen short of the amount required to deliver the important work that is required because of high winds and poor weather.

We have also witnessed an increase over recent years of the lending of membership cards to non-members who do not contribute to the Wildlife Trust so they can benefit from free landing. This has reached a critical point and the charity is now suffering from high financial erosions and less income through membership card abuse. Not only do we lose out on those landing fees but we as a charity have to pay HMRC an amount for each free landing, costing us and the wildlife twice.

We do encourage members to use their cards and experience this wonderful wildlife haven but can we take this opportunity to mention that the cards are for the members only and are not transferable. Please encourage your friends and family to join us instead and help our incredible wildlife or pay the small amount of £10 to land which goes back into our work on the island, don't forget children under 16 land for free.

Thank you for your continuing support of our charity and our wildlife.