The Dranges Marsh Fritillary Habitat Recovery project

Work has begun in earnest on the SITA Trust funded project at The Dranges NR, Bishopston, Gower with staff and volunteers clearing encroaching scrub, gorse and bramble from its important meadow habitats.

Specialist contractors have been preparing the site for, and beginning the mammoth task of approximately 4000m of stock-proof fencing on some very awkward terrain. Being able to control the grazing on this reserve is essential to improving the habitat especially for the benefit of the Marsh Fritillary butterfly.

The site by its very nature is wet and marshy in places and to avoid adverse impact on a variety of species the work is restricted to these wet winter months. It is hard work and the site is not pretty at the moment but the knowledge that the long term benefits outweigh the short term impacts make it worthwhile.