Brynna and Llanharan Woods

This has been an inspiring project to be involved with. Our volunteers and Wildlife Trust Officer Tim Jones have done some fantastic work with the local communities of Llanharan and Brynna on this lovely reserve. The reserve has many fantastic wildlife features, we know there are dormice on the site, part of it is ancient woodland with some spectacular veteran trees and it was once a site for marsh fritillary, something we hope to see again on the site.

Surprise bluebells at Brynna and Llanharan reserve T Jones

Surprise bluebells at Brynna and Llanharan reserve T Jones

Some of the work has been bramble clearance, which has uncovered a large area of bluebells. This was initially going to be a meadow area however we have reassessed this and we will manage it so that the bluebells flourish. There was clearly a woodland in this area at one point however the bracken will act in the same way as the trees providing the cover required in the summer months.

A lot of work has been done with the local community on the access front as well, this means Tim and his team of volunteers have worked with local young people to create an outdoor classroom, much appreciated by the local schools.

This is our newest reserve and the lovely element of it is we have worked with the local communities every step of the way, they have been involved in designing the project and are learning about the site along side ourselves.