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We were relieved to hear the Minister’s announcement on the 20th of March with regards to the Welsh Government’s decision not pursue culling of badgers. The Minister confirmed that the Welsh Government are instead going to use vaccination of badgers as a means of managing bovine TB.

badger by Andrew Mason

badger by Andrew Mason

WTSWW’s Conservation Manager Lizzie Wilberforce appeared on BBC Wales Today on the 20th March to explain why we felt this was a safer and more appropriate option than culling.

Also, prior to the announcement, Conservation Manager Rob Parry appeared on BBC Wales Today on Thursday 08 March to explain the Wildlife Trust’s position on culling in response to the renewed media interest in the subject.

As a landowner who uses stock to manage land we can appreciate how stressful it can be to have TB tests. The water buffalo at the Welsh Wildlife Centre in Cilgerran, which is in the area identified for vaccination over the summer, are regularly are tested and have remained clear of the disease.

Vaccination is a more sustainable and efficacious approach to tackling TB in cattle for all concerned. More information about vaccination of badgers will appear in Badger Cull pages in the following weeks.

For more information contact Lizzie Wilberforce (Conservation Manager)

Our press release from the 20th March 2012