A Beacon for the future

Storm petrels, Manx shearwaters and the fantastic Pembrokeshire parrots, or puffins, on Skokholm have just got some new landlords. The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales is celebrating the purchase of land and a lighthouse on Skokholm Island, thanks to a successful appeal.

Skokholm Lighthouse

Skokholm Lighthouse

This completes the last piece of the jigsaw for the Trust who now owns the entire Island, ensuring future security for the rare Manx Shearwaters, Storm petrels and Puffins.

The appeal, which was launched late in 2011, had a target of £250,000, and £150,000 was raised within 4 months, allowing the Wildlfife Trust to buy the land and lighthouse. Thanks to very generous donors in Wales the Wildlife Trust were able to collect the keys to the lighthouse from Trinity, the previous owners, on the 16th of May securing the future of one of the most important sea bird colonies in the world for the people of Wales.

“With thousands of sea birds, including a significant population of storm petrels and the densest colony of Manx shearwaters in the world, it was of paramount importance that we purchased the last bit of the island’s jigsaw” said Sarah Kessell, CEO of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales,

“When we were offered the opportunity to buy the last bit of the island we knew we could not risk it going into private ownership for fear of risking the precious cliffs and their stunning wildlife. We were amazed by the generosity of the people of Wales in helping us save this important site.”

The Wildlife Trust still needs to raise a further £100,000 in order to convert the lighthouse into accommodation so that more visitors can enjoy a unique holiday, and to reinstate the bird observatory on the island. If you are interested in supporting them please get in touch on 01656 724100 or via our Appeal Pages.