25/05/12: Two bottlenose dolphins and four Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey; Start time: 10:30
Weather conditions; sea state: 2-3, visibility: 1-10km, light swell
Two bottlenose dolphins and one Atlantic grey seal

Our first sighting was of one Atlantic grey seal in the water near Trwyn Crou. Two bottlenose dolphins, one adult and one juvenile, were also sighted foraging east of Ynys Lochtyn. Gannets were also seen diving and feeding in this area. Many barrel jellyfish were also seen on this trip.

2hr survey; Start time: 12:30
Weather conditions; sea state: 1-3, visibility: >10km, light swell
Three Atlantic grey seals

The first Atlantic grey seal sighting was of one seal hauled out between Trwyn Crou and Cwmtydu. Another Atlantic grey seal was seen this time in the water a bit further towards Cwmtydu. Just south west of Cwmtydu another Atlantic grey seal was seen hauled out.