Volunteers play a vital role in the Trust’s work.

SeaSeal Volunteer photographing an Atlantic grey seal

SeaSeal Volunteer photographing an Atlantic grey seal

With hundreds of committed volunteers we are achieving great things and with your help we can do so much more.

Each volunteer brings with them knowledge and enthusiasm which really makes a difference to the work of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.

So, why not get involved – protect wildlife, have fun, get fit and meet people who share your interests.

How can I get involved?

It is easy to get involved with the Trust’s work, and the amount of time you spend volunteering is up to you – you can spend as little or as much as you like.  Whether you like being indoors, outdoors, active or creative, there is bound to be something to suit you!

If you would like to register for any of the opportunities below, please complete the Volunteer Registration Form (unless the opportunity specifies otherwise) and return it to The Nature Centre, Tondu, Bridgend, CF32 0EH or email membership@welshwildlife.org.

A member of staff will contact you to discuss volunteering opportunities and invite you to visit us for an informal chat. If you are volunteering as a Reserve Warden, or for educational or office-based activites, you will also be asked to sign a Volunteer Agreement with the member of staff who is acting as your Supporter.

If you are volunteering to join in with practical work parties on the reserves, on receipt of the Registration Form, you will be sent a work party programme for your local area with all necessary information. You can then join in with any or all of the work parties.

In addition to these regular volunteering activites, some specific volunteering posts will be advertised on this website each year.

We have outdoor volunteering opportunities across our patch:

Around the patch
Tasks through the year

New Quay, Cardigan Bay –  variety of marine focused volunteering opportunities are available throughout the year please check out the CBMWC website for more information

Carmarthenshire – volunteer days happen on Tuesdays and Fridays – contact Rebecca Killa

Ceredigion – volunteer days happen on a Wednesday and Thursday – contact Doug Lloyd  D.Lloyd@welshwildlife.org

Valleys – volunteer days happen Wednesday and Thursdays  – contact Duncan Ludlow D.Ludlow@welshwildlife.org

Pembrokeshire – volunteer days happen on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – contact Nathan Walton

Bridgend and surrounding area – volunteer days happen on Wednesdays and Fridays – contact Tim Jones

West Glamorgan – volunteer days happen on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and occasional weekends – Contact Paul Thornton.

Brecknock – volunteering days happen most Tuesdays around and north of Brecon and most Thursdays around Ystradgynlais. Please e-mails Steph Coates or Pauline Hill or call them on 01874 625708.

Skomer Island Weekly Volunteers – applications have now closed for 2022. For any queries please contact Skomer Assistant Warden

Skomer Island Long Term Volunteers – live and volunteer on Skomer for ~3months. Applications for 2022 will open in December 2021. For any queries please contact Skomer Visitor Officer.



The sorts of tasks which happen through the year, at a glance:

Spring: surveys, path clearance, fence work, boardwalk creation and maintenance, charcoal creation (Gower only), access work, woodland glade management

Summer: path clearance, fence management, surveys, meadow management, invasive species management, access work, woodland glade management

Autumn: coppicing, woodland management, hedge laying, surveys, habitat creation, access work, reedbed management, school grounds work (more specifically in the east where we create outdoor classrooms)

Winter: access work, reedbed management, coppicing, woodland management, habitat creation, , school grounds work (more specifically in the east where we create outdoor classrooms)

Volunteering opportunities
  • Thank you for your interest in Long Term Volunteering on Skomer Island!Thank you for your interest in Long Term Volunteering on Skomer Island!
    Long Term Volunteers form an essential part of the island team, and have the opportunity to get involved with a whole variety of tasks and activities. No one day is the same. Wildlife Monitoring – surveys are carried out of our breeding birds (Spring), seabirds (June), and seals (August onwards). Public Engagement – help us to welcome ...
  • Thank you for your interest in Weekly volunteering on Skomer!Thank you for your interest in Weekly volunteering on Skomer!
    Without its weekly volunteers, Skomer simply couldn’t operate. Volunteers play an important part in visitor management and engagement, assisting with morning and afternoon visitor boats and undertaking island patrols. They are also responsible for daily cleaning of the hostel and the compost toilets. Weekly volunteers also get involved in monitoring, including reptile transects and cetacean ...
  • Seabird monitoring and chicks – updates from the Skomer Island team!Seabird monitoring and chicks - updates from the Skomer Island team!
    It’s June already and the team have been busy on the boat counting seabirds. We caught up with Ceris, our Assistant Skomer Warden. Madi, Digital Comms Officer: Ceris, we can’t believe it’s June already and amidst the seabird counting season! Can you update us on how its coming along and what you’ve seen so far? Ceris, Asst. ...
  • Bog Management at Carmel NNRBog Management at Carmel NNR
    The team have been working hard to carry out further bog management at the Carmel National Nature Reserve. Here’s an update from Wildlife Trust Officer, Rebecca Killa. We have carried out further management on our bog at Carmel, including additional ditch blocking. By driving plastic piling into the peat we have created an impenetrable barrier in ...
  • Will you Stand for Nature with us?Will you Stand for Nature with us?
    Stand for Nature Wales is a youth climate change project with a big ambition! The six Wildlife Trusts in Wales have come together to tackle climate change with the help of the young people (aged 9-24) of Wales. Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, for the next three years, we will work to ...
  • Brecknock Winter Bird Watch!Brecknock Winter Bird Watch!
    Every year Llangorse Lake becomes home to thousands of wonderful winter wildfowl! The lake is the perfect ‘home’ or ‘fuel stop’ for many species as they make their annual journey. Even in the summer, the lake is thronging with life. Golden-eye, Tufted Duck, Manderin, Mute Swans, Shelduck, Little and Great White Egrets, Widgeon, Great-crested and Little ...
  • Launch of Climate Change Cymru!Launch of Climate Change Cymru!
    The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW), along with the five other Welsh Wildlife Trusts, are excited to announce a new series of youth-led initiatives across Wales (from Anglesey to Newport) focusing on climate change action. In 2019, Wales recognised and declared a climate emergency. The Welsh Government have already adopted progressive legislation to ...
  • Manx Shearwater Rescue Service – Another busy season!
    In August, I told you about ‘Team Shearwater’, our fantastic band of Wildlife Trust volunteers and staff who help to rescue grounded Manx shearwaters as they fledge from the Pembrokeshire islands. 2020 turned out to be another busy but rewarding autumn, with our first phone call coming early on 24 August, there were four young birds ...
  • Help Hedgehogs Prepare for Hibernation!Help Hedgehogs Prepare for Hibernation!
    Autumn is a truly magical time of year when nature is at its most colorful. Leaves turn into a mosaic of golds, reds and oranges; sunsets are breathtaking and woodland carpets produce an array of fabulous fungi. It’s also a good time to experience and help wildlife in our gardens! In this article we are focusing ...
  • Manx Shearwater Rescue Service!Manx Shearwater Rescue Service!
    From late August onwards, hundreds of thousands of juvenile Manx shearwaters begin to fledge from the Pembrokeshire Islands. Having spent 70 days in a burrow their first flight an epic one. They cross the Atlantic and the equator, navigating alone to the coast of Argentina, some 7,000 miles away. They can make this journey in 21 ...
  • Stock-checking During Lockdown!
    When lockdown started in March 2020 it put a stop to a lot of our activities! Livestock checks however had to carry on for the animal’s welfare. This mainly done by the graziers but often staff and volunteers help too. In Ystradgynlais we were lucky to have Andrew on the door step so we asked him ...
  • A magical morning at Llyn FachA magical morning at Llyn Fach
    One of the most beautiful sights to have ever met my eyes was Llyn Fach on a frosty February morning. As I walked up the footpath that led to the lake, every step created a crunch underfoot. I noticed fox footprints frozen into the ground. The sky was a clear blue with smudges of cloud, and ...