Dolphin and Porpoise Surveys

In south and west Wales we have arguably some of the best coastline in the world. Rich in wildlife and stunning in character the seas which border our patch are teeming with life. Where the Gulf Stream meets the colder waters that surround our islands there is a rich food source.

Dolphins  Sarah Perry CBMWC

Dolphins Sarah Perry CBMWC

With that rich food source comes some of the best dolphin and porpoise watching you could imagine. With both resident and transitory populations these cetaceans are often seen swimming around our shores.

Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre is our marine arm, they are researching the behaviour of  the dolphins and porpoises and you can help by joining them on their survey trips. Supported by Dolphin Survey Boat Trips we are able to fund this work, when you pay for your trip out on the boat you are also paying for our volunteers and staff to join them. What is a fantastic day out for you pays for essential long term research work into our marine environment.