Things To Do

There are so many opportunities to get involved with the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. People of all ages volunteer with us and get involved whether it is in the office or out

Volunteers Spotting for Dolphins photo by Steve Hartley

in the field with our Wildlife Trust Officers. Our associated groups such as Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Group and Sea Trust also get people involved in the stunning marine environment around the coast of Cardigan bay in particular.

You can become a Welsh Wildlife Hero by pledging to do one thing for wildlife, whether it be feeding the birds or digging a pond! Visit here to find out more. 

We run Watch groups which get children involved in their local wildlife, from pond dipping to bug hunts it is a great way to inspire future wildlife enthusiasts.

In collaboration with a local photographer, Andy Davies, we have organised photography courses on Skomer Island and occasionally on other reserves.

Our Local Groups are also extremely active. When you join the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales you will receive a regular update on what activities the Local Groups are organising. From bat watches to walks in stunning orchid meadows the Local Groups provide vital support to us whilst having quite a lot of fun at the same time. Our events organised by both the Trust and the local groups all appear in the calendar offering a rich mix of wonderful talks and walks.

If you cannot make it to any of the above why not create your own wildlife reserve in your back garden? Our Wildlife Gardening Blog aims to give some ideas and thoughts on how you can create a special place for wildlife right outside your back door. We have also put together some handy ID sheets for you to be able to identify some of your visitors and some Activity Sheets on how to make your own moth trap etc.

We are also working with iSpot of the Open University, we are using iSpot ourselves to put records up and we would encourage you to get involved in this online community of naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts.