Young Wildlife Hero Makes a Difference

We are at a critical time for nature, as highlighted in the Wildlife Trusts Wilder Future campaign. The UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. The Wilder Future campaign calls for communities to come together and help put nature into recovery.

Across the Wildlife Trusts, we are working tirelessly to protect and promote our wild places and the wildlife that live in them. We cannot do this without our nature loving supporters. One of which we feel deserves a special mention due to his passion and commitment to protecting our wildlife.

In Spring 2018, Corin’s eyes were opened to the beauty of birds. At only 8 years old, he began bird watching just as the flowers and trees started showing the first signs of spring. On that day, his passion for birds was born. One of the first birds to peak Corin’s interest was a humble robin, from there his passion continued to grow. Corin furthered his knowledge through research and was particularly impressed with the speed of the peregrine falcon.

He loves to research the unique qualities of each species of bird; he calls these unique qualities ‘creature powers’. During Corin’s research, he became aware of the declining bird populations and the importance of the preservation of nature. He was inspired to take action in order to make a difference to the lives of the birds he loves.

He decided to draw 50 species of bird, raising money through sponsorship and raising the profile of many wonderful bird species. He raised nearly £60 – which was gratefully received by us as a Trust. Corin’s donation will go towards our vital conservation work, protecting wild places and wildlife across South and West Wales. Corin’s drawings are beautiful, and we cannot thank him enough for his commitment and kindness.

If you are inspired to take action then check out our Wilder Future pages to see what you can do.

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