WTSWW’s Consultation Document…Have Your Say!

WTSWW's Overton Mere Nature Reserve

WTSWW's Overton Mere Nature Reserve

Please respond to our consultation document by the end of April 2021!

We need a new strategy and a new plan for the future in order to play our part in tackling the climate and ecological crises. To achieve this we need your involvement and commitment.

This consultation document is our first step towards finding a shared new vision for the future. We will identify some of the key challenges and outline some of our aspirations.

Our intention is to promote debate and foster creative thinking. We want your ideas, comments and feedback to help shape our plan.

Together, we must find a way to live in harmony with nature, in a world full of opportunities for wildlife, where we recognise that we are part of nature and that all life is mutually interdependent.

Please help us to develop our new conservation strategy by considering the questions included in the consultation document below.

WTSWW Consultation January 2020

Please email your response to info@welshwildlife.org