Protecting our Meadows

Please Help Us Raise £10,000 to Protect Our Precious Green, Green Grass Of Home…

meadowThe Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales are urgently appealing for your help and donations to save our precious Welsh Grassland. Time is against us; already research has highlighted some alarming statistics such as:

  • 57% of Wales’s flowering plants are rapidly declining
  • 1 in 6 plant species are considered threatened in Wales
  • 90% of semi-natural grassland in the UK’s lowlands has been lost since 1945
  • Lowland hay meadows are now scarce in Wales; we have only 13% of the UK total area of this rich habitat
  • There has been a 42% decline across all farmland butterflies in recent years

We are actively involved in undertaking advocacy work to ensure species-rich grasslands are appropriately considered in government policy, by local government planning process, and through agri-environment schemes.


  • Support for our staff to undertake the time intensive work of restoring and managing our own grassland nature reserves such as our newly acquired Rhos Marion, and The Dranges.
  • New tools such as brush-cutters and scythes to support our staff and volunteers to undertake grassland management
  • Funding to repair key infrastructure such as livestock fencing, and drinking troughs that make grazing management possible

Additional funds to support our wider work for grasslands, including advice to other landowners, as well as seeking and acquiring new grassland nature reserves that might be under threat.

Please either donate online, call our offices or call 01656 724100 or print off a donation form and return to:

The Nature Centre
Fountain Road
CF32 0EH