National Nest Box Week with Vine House Farm!

Nest boxes can help breeding birds and other wildlife.

Vine House Farm Update

National Nest Box Week is fast approaching, starting on 14th February, with St Valentine’s Day being chosen as it is the traditional date when birds start to pair up for the new breeding season.

The aim of National Nest Box Week is to encourage people to put up nest boxes to help breeding birds and other wildlife. Natural nesting sites such as holes in trees and buildings are disappearing fast as areas are cleared for new housing and development.. By putting up a nest box, not only will you be able to observe breeding birds in your garden, but you will be contributing to a conservation effort taking place throughout the UK.

Swallows and House Martins are also struggling for nesting sites, having shared our buildings for generations, by nesting in our eaves and gables. Our modern and renovated buildings now exclude them, so if we don't help provide habitat for these species they will soon disappear.

Visit our website to view our Swallow Nest and House Martin nests and our full range of nest boxes and our nest box guide.