In Memoriam

Traditionally we pay respect to our departed loved ones through a gift of flowers. But cut flowers are short-lived.

A donation to The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, in lieu of flowers, can mean a more lasting floral tribute – a woodland full of bluebells, or fragrant flowers in a summer meadow.

It is a lasting gift that can bloom year after year. A way of helping future generations enjoy the wonders of wildlife around us.

By making an in memoriam tribute or donating in lieu of flowers you can remember a loved one whilst also helping to protect Welsh wildlife for the future.

How to make an In Memoriam Donation

You can make an In Memoriam donation by using a credit or debit card, or alternatively we can offer free In Memoriam donation envelopes to give out at funerals or memorial services.

To make an In Memoriam donation or request free In Memoriam donation envelopes please call 01656 724100.

Thank you for thinking of us at this difficult time.

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