County Appeal – West Glamorgan

Our Christmas appeal this year allows you to make a difference even closer to home and ensures that your kind donations are spent on the wildlife on your doorstep.

Just a few of our achievements this year:

Surveying for marsh fritillary butterflies at The Dranges nature reserve

Surveying for marsh fritillary butterflies at The Dranges nature reserve

This year Paul Thornton (Senior Wildlife Trust Officer for West Glamorgan) and an army of volunteers have delivered many hundreds of days of work managing the 25 West Glamorgan reserves.

Installation of some 4.5 km of stock proof fencing at the Dranges and some innovative sward cutting techniques have allowed us to restore some valuable grassland habitats for Marsh Fritillary butterflies and also to reclaim some woodland areas for coppicing.

Surveys on the South Gower coast reserves have given us data that will inform our management plans to ensure that the most ‘at risk’ habitats and plant species are protected.

How you can help West Glamorgan’s wildlife in 2016

Our ageing Toyota 4WD is approaching 16 years of age and needs replacing.

South GowerPaul and his volunteers need daily access into our reserves to continue our important work for wildlife, and the Toyota has provided a cost effective way of transporting people and tools to where they are needed most.

We also need financial help to support the ongoing monitoring on the South Gower coast to ensure that we can manage this sensitive area. Effective habitat management relies on accurate survey and monitoring data.

Please help Paul and his volunteers to continue their important work. Your beautiful West Glamorgan reserves cost many thousands of pounds each year to manage for wildlife and without your help we cannot deliver what is needed.

Help towards the cost of a newer vehicle, survey work and other management costs will ensure that Paul and his team get 2016 of to a flying start.

Please give whatever you feel you can afford.

Thank you.