County Appeal – Red Squirrels

This year our Christmas appeal is one of national importance and will help us to secure the future of the red squirrel in Wales.

Just a few of our achievements this year:

By becoming a member you can protect red squirrels and much more, photo by Steve Davis

Red Squirrel by Steve Davis

The Mid Wales Red Squirrel Project is a five year project that aims to create a buffer zone around the last population of red squirrels in mid-Wales.

None remain in south Wales and it is imperative that we support the work of our Red Squirrel Officer, Becky Hulme and her volunteers to expand the available habitat for our native squirrel.

Funds were originally secured for the project from Environment Wales but these are no longer available. We need to raise £15,000 to ensure that the project can continue as planned and safeguard the future of our red squirrel.

The grey squirrel now outnumbers our native red by 320-1.

The non-native grey dominates food supplies, resulting in food shortages for reds and a reduction in breeding success. The introduced grey is a carrier of the squirrelpox virus that is deadly to reds.

Red squirrel in hold for recording biometrics

Red squirrel in hold for recording biometrics

If we cannot continue to protect our native red squirrel population in mid-Wales we will almost certainly lose this beautiful mammal from our landscape for ever.

Please help Becky and her team of volunteers safeguard the future of the red squirrel in mid-Wales. We desperately need to secure the shortfall in funds to ensure the success of this project.

Please give whatever you feel you can afford.
Thank you!

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