County Appeal – Pembrokeshire

Our Christmas appeal this year allows you to make a difference even closer to home and ensures that your kind donations are spent on the wildlife on your doorstep.

Just a few of our achievements this year:

This year Nathan Walton (Wildlife Trust Officer for Pembrokeshire) and an army of volunteers have delivered many hundreds of days of work managing the 16 Pembrokeshire reserves.

Pengelli Forest

Pengelli Forest

Channel and water flow improvements at Pembroke Upper Mill Pond have enhanced the health of the reed bed, creating a better invertebrate habitat, supplying an excellent food source for waders whilst also providing further areas of open water.

Waymarking and access work at Pengelli Forest is ongoing, creating safer pathways and better navigation for wildlife watchers.

Money from donations and a legacy will contribute towards the rebuilding of the Curlew Hide at the Welsh Wildlife Centre which was destroyed by arsonists earlier this year.

How you can help Pembrokeshire’s wildlife in 2016

Many hundreds of metres of boardwalk at Teifi Marshes will soon need to be replaced.

Board walk in Teifi marsh

Board walk in Teifi marsh

Managing the sensitive Pembrokeshire habitats is an expensive task, some areas of the wetland at Teifi are grazed by water buffalo, we desperately need to replace the electric fence that ensures they graze in only the right areas and cause no damage to others by straying.

Ongoing meadow management at West Williamston and other grassland reserves presents a huge hidden cost which we must find; without management the meadows will return to scrub and we will quickly lose these vulnerable habitats.

Please help Nathan and his volunteers to continue their important work. Your beautiful Pembrokeshire reserves cost many thousands of pounds each year to manage for wildlife and without your help we cannot deliver what is needed.

Helping us to fund the fencing, meadow management, boardwalks and other management costs will ensure that Nathan and his team get 2016 of to a flying start.

Please give whatever you feel you can afford.

Thank you.