County Appeal – Ceredigion

Our Christmas appeal this year allows you to make a difference even closer to home and ensures that your kind donations are spent on the wildlife on your doorstep.

Just a few of our achievements this year:

Kestrel box going into place

Kestrel box going into place

This year Em Foot (Wildlife Trust Officer for Ceredigion) and an army of volunteers have delivered many hundreds of days of work, managing the 21 Ceredigion reserves.

Lots of woodland work for wildlife this year; thinning, felling and improving access by building steps, bridges, paths and fencing. Installation of 35 Kestrel boxes, funded by the Megan Jones Legacy and 30 new Dormouse boxes are a few examples of some of the work undertaken.

Wildlife monitoring has returned some fantastic results with 671 Marsh Fritillary larval webs at Rhos Glyn yr Helyg and 818 Greater Butterfly Orchids at Caeau Llety Cybi.

How you can help Ceredigion’s wildlife in 2016

Em’s chainsaw is getting to a good age and needs replacing to allow her to continue safely with the Ceredigion woodland work.

Dormouse by Bev Lewis (BWT)

Dormouse by Bev Lewis (BWT)

We also need financial help to support management costs and the invaluable monitoring work that is undertaken for a variety of species including the Dormouse, and Marsh Fritillary butterfly.

Please help Emily and her volunteers to continue their important work. Your beautiful Ceredigion reserves cost many thousands of pounds each year to manage for wildlife and without your help we cannot deliver what is needed.

Supporting these costs will help Em and her team get 2016 off to a flying start.

Please give whatever you feel you can afford.
Thank you.

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