County Appeal – Carmarthenshire

Our Christmas appeal this year allows you to make a difference even closer to home and ensures that your kind donations are spent on the wildlife on your doorstep.

Just a few of our achievements this year:

This year Rebecca Killa (Wildlife Trust Officer for Carmarthenshire) and an army of volunteers have delivered many hundreds of days of work managing the 11 Carmarthenshire reserves.

Water Vole Release at Frwd Farm Mire

Water Vole Release at Frwd Farm Mire

Badger vaccination continues within Carmarthenshire and is helping to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis. The second phase of Water Vole releases at Ffrwd Farm Mire was completed in May.

Six ponds have been cleared at Cors Goch, opening up valuable habitat for various dragonflies and damselflies including the rare Small Red Damselfly.

How you can help Carmarthenshire’s wildlife in 2016

Important woodland management such as the thinning of Ash and Sycamore at our nationally important Dinefwr Castle Woods nature reserve in Llandeilo needs to be undertaken in 2016 as part of our management plan.

Tawny Owl Mike Bright

Tawny Owl Mike Bright

Boxes for bats, Tawny Owls and other woodland birds need installing. Fencing and other infrastructure on Cors Goch and Nant Melin requires replacement or repair to ensure that appropriate grazing management is made possible.

Please help Rebecca and her volunteers to continue their important work.

Your beautiful Carmarthenshire reserves cost many thousands of pounds each year to manage for wildlife and without your help we cannot deliver what is needed. Helping us to fund the woodland work, fencing and other management costs will ensure that Rebecca and her team get 2016 off to a flying start.

You can donate now towards the reserves on your doorstep, any gift, no matter how small will make a difference to Carmarthenshire’s wildlife.

Please give whatever you feel you can afford.

Thank you.