Sightings Update 31/08/2018: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

Weather Conditions: sunny/fair, Wind direction: S/SE, Sea state 1-2

Six land-based surveys were conducted by our volunteers yesterday, with a variety of wildlife recorded. Grey seals were seen from the survey point during the early morning and late afternoon watches – observed to be resting and foraging close to the fish factory and to the harbour wall. The most notable period of the day came at 1pm, when dolphins (including juveniles) were frequently spotted displaying a wide range of behaviours including travelling, leaping, foraging and chasing fish at times only meters from the wall. Other sightings include gannets, razorbill and turnstones.

SeaSeal Update 01/07/2018: Atlantic Grey Seals and Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather conditions: overcast, light rain, sea state 2, wind direction SW

Despite the drops of rain yesterday evening our SeaSeal volunteer headed up to Birds Rock to carry out a seal survey. 4 Atlantic grey seals were seen in the water, throughout the two hour survey, bottling and diving. There were plenty of fish around and bottlenose dolphins were observed feeding – a mother and calf could be seen chasing fish just below the surface!! There was a lot of bird activity too: gannets and gulls were spotted feeding on bait balls close to Birds Rock and a kestrel flew past carrying a mouse!

SeaSeal Update 06/06/2018: Atlantic Grey Seals and Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather conditions: sunny, sea state 1, wind direction N-NE

It was a glorious day at Birds Rock and our SeaSeal volunteer was out spotting both marine and terrestrial wildlife from the cliff top! Three Atlantic grey seals were seen, during the two hour survey, in the water and hauled out on the rocks. A group of 15 bottlenose dolphins were feeding on fish seen just below the water. Large groups of seabirds were also observed feeding. Gannets were diving amongst large groups of gulls and many guillemots and razorbills were seen below the waves. A red kite flew past Birds Rock and a young fox was seen lying in the sun next to the coastal path! Several species of butterfly were flying around the wildflowers at the top of the cliff.