Sightings Update 10/06/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: Sunny, light cloud cover, sea state 0-2, visibility 1 – 10km

Our Living Seas and Shorefin volunteers had a great all day boat trip yesterday, seeing an estimated 25 dolphins and a group of four seals, also a number of jellyfish and bird species. As well as socialising and feeding, the dolphins were seen bow riding and a calf was observed to be suckling.

04/05/2018: Bottlenose dolphins

04/05/2018: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: Overcast/Fair, Sea state 1-2, Wind direction SW

Land-based surveys were carried out between 7am to 7pm yesterday, by our Living Seas volunteers. Following a quiet start to the day, bottlenose dolphins were seen briefly foraging around the headland in the late morning. A larger group were then spotted in our final survey, where various behaviours were observed, including tail-slapping, lunging and spyhopping. This provided a fantastic opportunity for our ShoreFin team to capture some wonderful shots of some of Cardigan Bay’s Big Three. Numerous sea birds were also spotted throughout the day, including kittiwakes, common sandpipers and oystercatchers. We also saw garfish and a lesser sand eel.

04/12/2017: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: overcast/rain, sea state 2/3, wind direction NW

At 9 am there were two dolphins, and adult and a juvenile, seen foraging near the Cardinal Marker. Mid way through the survey a group of five dolphins including two young were seen travelling past the headland. The same group of five reappeared off the headland in a frenzy of feeding activity that lasted for a few minutes. The dolphins were chasing fish at the surface rapidly changing direction. Later two dolphins were present foraging off the fish factory. There were no sightings during the 1pm-3pm survey.

01/12/2017: Bottlenose dolphin

Weather conditions: sunny, sea state 3/4, wind direction N

At 12.45 one solitary dolphin was spotted 100m off the fish factory, the dolphin travelled north across the bay breaching once. During the survey lots of birds where feeding on the front of the harbour wall exposed by the very low tide.