27/04/2018: Bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise and Atlantic grey seal

Weather conditions: rain-fair, sea state 1-3, wind direction variable.

The Cardigan Bay big three were all spotted yesterday from the harbour wall. During the morning surveys bottlenose dolphins were seen leaping and tail slapping close to the cardinal buoy. An Atlantic grey seal was also seen, initially off the headland and then just metres from the harbour wall. In the afternoon harbour porpoise were seen foraging. Bottlenose dolphin were seen again throughout the afternoon and thought to be foraging at depth near the headland.

20/03/2018: Harbour Porpoise & Atlantic Grey Seal.

Weather conditions: Fair-Sunny, sea state 2-3, wind direction N -NW.

A 9am survey was completed on the New Quay harbour wall. During the 9.30 period, a single harbour porpoise adult was seen between section 2 and 5. It was most likely carrying out long dives and travelling.

During the final survey of the day on the harbour wall, a single adult Atlantic Grey Seal was spotted traveling west in map section 2. The sex of the seal could not be identified due to the distance from the observers. This was the only time it was spotted during the survey.