Sightings Update 30/05/2018: Bottlenose dolphins, Harbour porpoise and Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: sea state 0-1, visibility 1-10km, light swell

Four boat surveys were conducted out in the bay yesterday, in which all had sightings of marine mammals. The first trip had sightings of the Cardigan Bay big three – with porpoise, dolphins and seals all spotted from the Anna Lloyd. The following three trips all encountered bottlenose dolphins, including juveniles – with the animals leaping and bow-riding within 5 meters of the boat. Seals could also be seen swimming and hauled out on the rocks. A large moon jellyfish was also sighted.

Sightings Update 29/05/2018: Bottlenose dolphins, Harbour porpoises and Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: sea state 3, visibility >10km, light swell

Yesterday our Living Seas volunteers were on board 3 separate boat trips, taking 2-hour surveys on each trip. On the first trip, Habour Porpoise were sighted travelling and Altantic Grey Seals were spotted bottling. In the next two boat surveys, the same group of Bottlenose dolphins were seen milling and foraging, and at times even taking part in some bow-riding.

Sightings Update 19/05/2018: Bottlenose dolphins, Harbour porpoises and Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: sea state 0-2, visibility >10km, light swell

Four of our Living Seas volunteers boarded the Anna Lloyd yesterday, as part of an 8-hour boat survey around Cardigan Bay. During the trip, members of the public were delighted to spot the Cardigan Bay Big Three, in the glorious sunshine. Bottlenose dolphins were sighted at the start and end of the trip, whilst Harbour porpoises and Atlantic grey seals were spotted throughout. Of particular note ought to be the high number of Harbour porpoises spotted, most of which appeared to be travelling or foraging. A number of Rhizostoma jellyfish were also observed during the survey.

12/05/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise, Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: sea state 1-2, visibility 1-10km, light swell
One of our Living Seas volunteers went on a two hour boat trip yesterday, during which they saw all of the Cardigan Bay Big Three. Bottlenose dolphins were seen tail slapping and leaping with herring gulls overhead, and a mother and calf were exhibiting close contact behaviour, characterised by staying within one body length of each other. Grey seals were seen in the water, and a lone harbour porpoise was also sighted travelling.

10/05/2018: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic grey seals, Harbour porpoises

Weather conditions: Mostly sunny, some fair weather, Sea State 2-3, Wind direction: W – S

A sunny day for our Livingseas volunteers, and we had sightings on almost every survey. Dolphins were seen leaping and chasing prey at the surface, during which Gannets were diving. Dolphins were also travelling and foraging around the Cardinal Marker throughout the day, and our SeaSeal team managed to photograph frequently sighted Jacky and her calf, see below. There was a lone porpoise and seal seen, both of whom were seen only briefly near the headland. In addition volunteers spotted a Barrel Jellyfish, a Herring gull playing with whelk eggs, a flock of Whimbrels and a Kestrel (also photographed).


08/05/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise

Weather conditions: Fair/Overcast, Sea state 1 – 2, Wind direction SE – SW

A good start to the day saw a group of bottlenose dolphins arrive in the bay at 7:30am, arriving from around New Quay headland travelling South East. This exciting start to the day continued into the afternoon, with sightings of dolphins being recorded across every survey up until 1:00pm. During the 1:00pm survey dolphins were not seen in the bay, however, in the last minutes of the 1:00pm survey a solitary Harbour Porpoise was spotted surfacing in the middle of the bay travelling westward. Following a quiet couple of hours in the bay, a group of bottlenose dolphins appeared in the bay during the 5:00pm survey period. One of the members of this group of dolphins was identified a Jacky, a regular to New Quay bay across the last few years, she was spotted travelling with her young calf shortly off New Quay head.

07/05/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise, Atlantic Grey Seals

07/04/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise, Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: sea state 0-3, visibility 0-10km, light swell

The Living Seas volunteers undertook an 8 hour boat survey during which all of the Cardigan Bay Big Three were spotted. A few bottlenose dolphin groups (including 2 juvenile individuals) were seen during the trip. 6 harbour porpoises were also seen, with 3 animals coming within 100m of the boat. Atlantic grey seals were spotted, including males, females and juvenile both in the water and hauled out onto the shoreline. Bird species were also prevalent, including whimbrels, manx shearwaters and a shelduck.

06/05/2018: Bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise & Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: sea state 0-2, Fog visibility 0-1km, light swell

New Quay was enveloped in thick mist yesterday but despite visibility being less than 1 km our Living Seas volunteers spotted the Cardigan Bay Big Three during three boat surveys undertaken on the Anna Lloyd.  A group of nine dolphins including Snowcap, one of our regulars, was seen during two trips exhibiting various behaviours including close contact, leaping and bow riding.  The evening survey recorded six Atlantic grey seals and one porpoise.

30/04/2018: Harbour porpoise

Weather conditions: sunny, sea state 4-5, wind direction variable.

6 surveys were carried out yesterday by our Living Seas volunteers between 7am and 7pm. Despite the rough sea conditions, a lone harbour porpoise was spotted briefly during the afternoon. It was seen just beyond the headland and was thought to be foraging at depth.

26/04/2018: Bottlenose dolphins and harbour porpoise

Weather conditions: Sunny, Sea state 2-3, Wind direction: SW

Our Living Seas volunteers carried out surveys from 7am to 7pm. Bottlenose dolphins were seen consistently throughout our morning surveys, leaping and tail slapping, as well as showing foraging behaviour. Harbour porpoise were spotted in the afternoon around the headland, as well as a lone bottlenose dolphin within metres of the harbour wall on the last watch of the day. Volunteers observed a range of bird life, including gannets, cormorants and oystercatchers

Sightings update 24/04/2018: Bottlenose dolphins and Harbour porpoise

Both dolphins and harbour porpoise were spotted during the morning. Two harbour porpoises seen travelling off the headland, and three dolphins were spotted foraging in the same area a short while later. During the afternoon a lone harbour porpoise was seen not far from the cardinal boy. Bad weather made for challenging dolphin watching conditions, and the late afternoon and evening land watches were cancelled.

Sightings update 23/04/2018: Bottlenose dolphins and Harbour porpoise

Weather conditions were predominantly overcast, with brief periods of sunshine and rain. Sea State 1-3, Wind Direction S-E to S-W

Porpoises were seen during one survey, but dolphins were seen throughout the day. During the most eventful survey we saw around nine dolphins energetically leaping and tail slapping, as well as approaching a boat. Flocks of gulls stationary above the water indicated feeding behaviour amongst the dolphins too. Our Shorefin team suspected an incident of porpoiside occurred, as photos appear to show a porpoise being thrown from the water