Sightings Update 15/03/2019: Harbour Porpoise

Weather conditions: Overcast and dull, sea state 3, wind direction W

One of our living seas volunteers conducted a survey from 1 pm – 3 pm. The survey was quiet, with a lone Harbour Porpoise spotted surfacing in the harbour towards the end of the survey. Four Cormorants were spotted throughout the survey.

Sightings Update 27/02/2019: Harbour Porpoise

Weather conditions: sunny, sea state 2, wind direction S

Living Seas volunteers made the most of the sunny weather and conducted two surveys during the day. A group of three harbour porpoise was spotted travelling across the bay area during the first survey.

14/10/18: Harbour Porpoise and Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: No precipitation, Sea state 2-3, Visibility >10km, Wind force 2-3

On our boat survey yesterday our Living Seas volunteer was delighted to spot a small group of Harbour porpoise foraging near the boat, including one mother and calf pair. A number of Atlantic grey seals were also sighted, both hauled out on nearby beaches and swimming near the boat.

Sightings Update 14/10/2018: Harbour Porpoise and Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather Conditions: Overcast with sunny spells, Wind Direction: N/NW/W, Sea state 2-3

Harbour porpoise were spotted throughout the day yesterday by our Living Seas volunteers, with single individuals spotted foraging, travelling, and logging on the surface for long periods. A number of Atlantic grey seals were also spotted, with males and females swimming and scanning close to the harbour wall.