Sightings Update 13/08/2019: Bottlenose dolphins, Harbour porpoise and Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: Sea state 2-3, Visibility >10, Light swell

Two Living Seas volunteers conducted two separate two hour boat surveys aboard the Anna Lloyd. Both trips were sunny and a range of wildlife was seen. 14 Bottlenose dolphins were seen between the two trips, they were seen foraging and leaping out of the water. 3 Harbour porpoise were seen between the two trips, they were seen foraging and travelling. 2 Atlantic grey seals were also seen on one of the trips, and they were seen swimming and bottling.

Sightings Update 14/07/19: The Cardigan Bay Big Three

Weather conditions: sunny, Sea state 2/3, Wind direction NE/NW

Our Living Seas volunteers conducted two boat surveys on board the Anna Lloyd with dolphin survey boat trips. The Cardigan Bay big three were seen with one harbour porpoise, six bottlenose dolphins and five Atlantic grey seals were seen. Bottlenose dolphins were seen bow riding and foraging, Atlantic grey seals were seen bottling and the porpoise was seen surfacing briefly.

Sightings Update 15/03/2019: Harbour Porpoise

Weather conditions: Overcast and dull, sea state 3, wind direction W

One of our living seas volunteers conducted a survey from 1 pm – 3 pm. The survey was quiet, with a lone Harbour Porpoise spotted surfacing in the harbour towards the end of the survey. Four Cormorants were spotted throughout the survey.

Sightings Update 27/02/2019: Harbour Porpoise

Weather conditions: sunny, sea state 2, wind direction S

Living Seas volunteers made the most of the sunny weather and conducted two surveys during the day. A group of three harbour porpoise was spotted travelling across the bay area during the first survey.