Sightings Update: 31/05/2019: Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: Sea state 1-3, Visibility >10km, Light/Medium swell

 Despite the rough seas one of our Living Seas volunteers conducted a boat survey aboard the Sulaire. Two Atlantic grey seals, were spotted one hauled out and the other bottling in the water. Gannets were also seen diving.

Sightings Update 31/05/2019: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: fair-overcast, Sea state 1-2, Wind direction S/SW

Our volunteers conducted surveys from 7am-5pm yesterday. During the first survey a mother and calf were seen foraging across the bay and a lone dolphin was also spotted in the swimming area near the beach! There were no further sightings until the last survey when groups of dolphins were seen travelling and foraging. A variety of bird life was spotted including gannets, black backed gulls and razorbills.

Sightings Update 17/10/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather Conditions: Overcast/Fair, Wind Direction: SW/N/NW, Sea state 0-3

Bottlenose dolphins were in the bay in the morning and in the afternoon, with groups seen towards the edges of the bay leaping, foraging and milling. A number of mother and calf pairs were amongst the groups. Atlantic grey seals were seen close to the harbour wall foraging and scanning for long periods of time, with one individual observed staying near the wall for around an hour and a half. Notable bird sightings include a group of migrating skylarks, turnstones, gannets and a guillemot.

Sightings Update 25/09/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seal

Weather Conditions: sunny, wind direction SE-SW, sea state 1-2

It was a busy day with large numbers of bottlenose dolphins seen during every landwatch by our living seas volunteers!! They were initially observed leaping and chasing fish over the reef. Later on the dolphins were seen travelling and foraging around the bay. At the end of the day an Atlantic grey seal was spotted bottling next to the harbour wall! Plenty of birds were recorded including large flocks of swallows, gannets, rock pipits and guillemots in winter plumage.

Sightings Update 26/08/2018: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather Conditions: Rain clearing in afternoon, Wind direction S-W, Sea state 1-3

Morning surveys were cancelled due to heavy rain. In the early afternoon a group of three dolphins including a juvenile were seen foraging off the headland. The only other sighting was of a lone dolphin foraging 500 metres north of the harbour wall in the evening. Our volunteers are now regularly spotting various species of terns on their return migration.

SeaSeal Update 22/08/2018: Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: overcast, sea state 3, wind direction S-W

A great day at Birds Rock yesterday with plenty of Atlantic grey seal sightings during the two hour survey conducted. Three seals were observed in the water, bottling, scanning and diving. Another spent some time attempting to haul out onto the rocks despite the large waves washing over them. Excitingly, our Sea Seal volunteer was able to identify three of the four of the seals recorded as individuals spotted at Birds Rock earlier this year! Other sightings included kestrels, gannets and a small toad.

Sightings Update 30/07/2018: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: sun/rain, wind direction varied, sea state 1-3

A fantastic day for sightings of bottlenose dolphins, the cetaceans could be seen throughout the day from the harbour wall here in New Quay. Mostly seen foraging, they were also recorded to be displaying tail slaps and leaping behaviours as well as feeding on prey. During the early afternoon, larger pods of 12 or more dolphins (including multiple young) could be seen around the survey area.

Amongst the identified dolphins, regular visitors ‘Jacky’ and her calf ‘Jay’ could be seen throughout the morning.

Other wildlife included gannets, manx shearwaters and sandwich terns.

Sightings Update 05/07/2018: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: Sunny/fair, Wind direction: NW-SW, Sea state 0-4

Another busy day of land surveying yesterday, with bottlenose dolphins recorded during each of six surveys. Notably during the early morning and evening watches, dolphins could be seen only meters from the harbour wall – with two individuals quickly identified as Jacky and her calf Jay. As a whole, dolphins were noted to display leaps, travelling behaviours and foraging behaviours – with the mother and calf pair observed to be chasing fish at the surface. Other sightings include cormorants, flatfish, manx shearwater, moon jellyfish and bluefire jellyfish.

Sightings Update 04/07/2018: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: No precipitation, Sea state 1-3, Visibility >10km

On board ‘Anna Lloyd’ the passengers, crew and volunteers were given some fantastic sightings on the all day trip. This included a close encounter with dolphins during the morning and another stunning one late afternoon, with adults and calves seen socialising and leaping high out of the water. We also were given a rare close viewing of feeding gannets and manx shearwater, and large barrel jellyfish could also be seen.

SeaSeal Update 01/07/2018: Atlantic Grey Seals and Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather conditions: overcast, light rain, sea state 2, wind direction SW

Despite the drops of rain yesterday evening our SeaSeal volunteer headed up to Birds Rock to carry out a seal survey. 4 Atlantic grey seals were seen in the water, throughout the two hour survey, bottling and diving. There were plenty of fish around and bottlenose dolphins were observed feeding – a mother and calf could be seen chasing fish just below the surface!! There was a lot of bird activity too: gannets and gulls were spotted feeding on bait balls close to Birds Rock and a kestrel flew past carrying a mouse!