Sightings Update 04/10/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Grey Seal and Eurasian Otter  

Weather Conditions: Fair to overcast, Wind Direction: S/SW, Sea state 0-1

It was the return of the Eurasian Otter during yesterday’s land surveys; it was seen travelling from the harbour wall towards the Cardinal Buoy in the morning. There were also a number of Bottlenose Dolphins seen in the early morning and again late afternoon, including Corky and calf close to the harbour wall in the afternoon. 2 Atlantic Grey seals were observed close to the harbour wall swimming and scanning.

Sightings Update 15/09/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Grey seals and Eurasian otter

Weather conditions: Overcast and sunny, Wind direction S/SW, Sea state 1-2

Several small groups of bottlenose dolphins were seen during our morning land watches, appearing again during late afternoon. A number of mother and calf pairs were seen foraging for fish in the bay, for around an hour at a time. A Eurasian otter was seen once more, swimming towards the fish factory on the headland. We also had a number of Atlantic grey seal sightings, during the morning and late afternoon, with individuals exhibiting behaviours such as foraging, scanning and bottling.