Sightings Update 31/05/2019: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: fair-overcast, Sea state 1-2, Wind direction S/SW

Our volunteers conducted surveys from 7am-5pm yesterday. During the first survey a mother and calf were seen foraging across the bay and a lone dolphin was also spotted in the swimming area near the beach! There were no further sightings until the last survey when groups of dolphins were seen travelling and foraging. A variety of bird life was spotted including gannets, black backed gulls and razorbills.

Sightings Update 29/05/2019: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: Overcast/fair, sea state 1-3, Wind direction SE to NW later.

Bottlenose dolphins were spotted by our Living seas volunteers in each survey conducted except one, taking dives to forage. During the 15:00-17:00 survey a group of four were seen including a calf, a lovely end to the day after the previous survey had to be abandoned due to poor visibility.

Sightings Update 26/05/2019: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: Rain clearing and becoming sunny pm, Sea state 1-3, Wind direction SW-NW.

Three dolphins were spotted close to the wall and within the harbour during the 7am watch.  Conditions then deteriorated with rain and mist reducing visibility and surveys were cancelled for a while.  When surveys were resumed all was quiet until 4pm when our Livings Seas Volunteer briefly observed another group of three dolphins foraging and socialising near the headland.

Sightings Update 25/05/2019: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: Fair/Overcast, Sea state 0-1, Wind direction SW-NW.

Our Living seas volunteers conducted five surveys yesterday. Bottlenose dolphins were sighted early in the morning then later again in the afternoon. They were seen leaping and spent a lot of time foraging around the cardinal buoy. One Atlantic grey seal was also briefly spotted off the harbour wall in the morning.

Sightings Update 22/5/19: Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather conditions: Mostly fair with sun at times, Sea State 1/2, Wind direction SE early becoming NW for most of the day

Two dolphins were present in the bay for an hour during the early watch. Mid-morning our Living Seas Volunteers spotted more dolphins foraging between the harbour wall and the cardinal marker. These were the joined by a group of eight giving lots of social interaction with leaps and surface mingling.  Two of our regulars, Snowcap and Vader were identified by our Shorefin Team. During the afternoon there were occasional sightings of dolphins in ones or twos foraging across the bay.  Late in the evening a group of five was spotted off the headland.

Sightings Update 21/05/2019: Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather conditions: Fair/Sunny, Sea state 0-2, Wind direction N/NW

Bottlenose dolphins were seen consistently all day with weather conditions being perfect for spotting them. Sea state 0 provided mirror sea conditions and allowed volunteers to spot the dolphins feeding, milling and leaping.