Sightings Update 01/08/2019: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: sunny, Sea state 1-3, Wind direction NW/N

Our Living Seas volunteers conducted surveys from 7am-7pm yesterday with bottlenose dolphins been seen throughout the day and recorded in most surveys. The dolphins were seen travelling through the bay, foraging and leaping.

Sightings Update 31/07/19: Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather conditions: Overcast with sunny periods, sea state 4-2, wind direction NW backing S/SW

It was a great day for dolphin sightings despite the moderate sea.  Our Living Seas Volunteers observed dolphin in each of our six surveys.  During the high tide in the morning dolphins entered the harbour and were foraging between the moored boats.  At one point there was a group of five including two calves close in.  Later sightings were further off shore but in total 19 different individuals were recorded yesterday.

Sightings Update 30/07/2019: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic grey seal

Weather conditions: Rain , Sea state 2-5, Wind direction  N/NE/NW

Our Living Seas volunteers conducted surveys from 7am-5pm yesterday. Five bottlenose dolphins were seen at 7am. The group of dolphins were seen travelling, tail slapping, breaching and possibly foraging. During the last survey an Atlantic grey seal was seen bottling. Our volunteers also spotted numerous gannets diving, and other bird species including a sooty shearwater.

Sightings Update 28/07/19: bottlenose dolphins & Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: Fair to begin becoming sunny later, sea state 3, wind direction N/NW

A solitary dolphin was present during most of our first watch yesterday. It was foraging within the harbour and close to the wall.  A second dolphin was spotted mid-morning but this only remained foraging for a short while. Our Living Seas Volunteers also observed two Atlantic grey seals during the day swimming across the bay and bottling at times.