Sightings Update 25/09/19: Bottlenose dolphins & Atlantic grey seal

Weather conditions: Fair/overcast, sea state 2/3, wind direction NW backing SW/W

Dolphins were seen intermittently through yesterday’s watches.  A group of 4 were spotted during the first survey foraging by the Cardinal buoy.  During the following survey our Living Seas Volunteer spotted a mother and juvenile and later in the day a solitary dolphin was seen close to the harbour wall. Also an Atlantic grey seal was spotted off Traeth y Dolau before it travelled west in front of the harbour wall.

Sightings update 18/09/19: Bottlenose dolphins; Common dolphins; harbour porpoises; Atlantic grey seals;

Weather conditions: sunny; sea state 0-2, wind direction S-NNW

Three boat surveys were undertaken yesterday;  a 9 hour survey aboard Anna Lloyd and two 2 hour surveys on the Sulaire.  All had excellent encounters.  The Living Seas volunteer aboard the Sulaire observed the Cardigan Bay Big 3 recording 12 Bottlenose dolphins, three Atlantic grey seals and one group of three harbour porpoises.  Meanwhile the all-day survey had a splendid day with sightings of 12 Bottlenose dolphins including 3 new born, 23 Atlantic grey seals including one pup and unusually seven groups of harbour porpoises totalling 22 adults and one calf.  In addition there was one confirmed sighting of a common dolphin and one possible thresher shark.

Sightings Update 15/09/19: Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather conditions: Fair with sunny periods, sea state 1-2, wind SW

A good day for our surveys from land with bottlenose dolphins being present throughout the day.  Our Living Seas Volunteers saw a total of ten bottlenose dolphins foraging and socialising mostly near the Cardinal marker.  At times individual dolphins came in close to the harbour wall giving watchers good views.

Sightings update 08/09/19: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seal

The dolphins were very active at New Quay yesterday being observed socialising and foraging throughout our survey periods.  Our Living Seas volunteers recorded up to 18 individuals including at least one juvenile.  They remained off shore between the headland and the Cardinal Buoy.  During the morning watch  one female watch Atlantic grey seal was spotted north of the harbour wall and at various times there were sightings of barrel jellyfish and one moon jellyfish.