Sightings Update 30/07/2019: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic grey seal

Weather conditions: Rain , Sea state 2-5, Wind direction  N/NE/NW

Our Living Seas volunteers conducted surveys from 7am-5pm yesterday. Five bottlenose dolphins were seen at 7am. The group of dolphins were seen travelling, tail slapping, breaching and possibly foraging. During the last survey an Atlantic grey seal was seen bottling. Our volunteers also spotted numerous gannets diving, and other bird species including a sooty shearwater.

Sightings Update 08/07/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather conditions: sunny, wind direction: N-NW, sea state: 0-1

During the first two surveys of the day 5 bottlenose dolphins were sighted by our volunteers. Three adults and two juveniles were feeding by the reef, chasing fish by the surface and briefly leaping! Following this the afternoon surveys were much quieter. No cetaceans were spotted, however several compass jellyfish were seen drifting past the harbour wall.