Sightings Update: 18/09/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Grey Seals and Basking Shark

Weather conditions: Overcast with sunny spells and strong winds, Wind direction S/SW, Sea state 2-3

Groups of dolphins were seen foraging and socialising throughout the day yesterday, leaping out of the water and mingling at the water’s surface. A number of mother and calf pairs were able to be identified, including Jacky & Jay, Cross & Spot and Snowcap & calf. A female Atlantic grey seal was spotted in the morning swimming along the harbour wall, and a male was seen in the afternoon. There was also an exciting sighting of a juvenile Basking Shark during a morning survey.

Sighting update: 02/08/2018: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic grey seals, basking shark

Weather conditions: dry, Wind direction: W – NW, Sea state 1 – 3, light to medium swell, visibility: >10km

Our Living Seas volunteers carried out three boat based surveys aboard the Anna Lloyd yesterday, and were rewarded with several sightings of bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals on each trip. Dolphins were seen foraging, feeding and occasionally leaping and seals were sighted both scanning in the water and hauled out. The last sighting of the day was a basking shark – the second sighting in the past couple of weeks despite being rarely seen in Cardigan Bay!

Sightings Update 19/07/2018: Basking shark, bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise & Atlantic grey seals

Weather Conditions: No precipitation, Wind direction N-NW, Sea state 1-2, Visibility >10k

On-board ‘Anna Lloyd’ for yesterday’s all-day boat trip, we had some incredible sightings recorded by our Living Seas team. The Cardigan Bay big three were all seen (dolphins, seals and porpoise) along with our first confirmed sighting of a basking shark here in three years. Although only a small individual of around 7ft, it was still a remarkable rare sight for all on the trip.