Sightings Update 28/07/19: bottlenose dolphins & Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: Fair to begin becoming sunny later, sea state 3, wind direction N/NW

A solitary dolphin was present during most of our first watch yesterday. It was foraging within the harbour and close to the wall.  A second dolphin was spotted mid-morning but this only remained foraging for a short while. Our Living Seas Volunteers also observed two Atlantic grey seals during the day swimming across the bay and bottling at times.

Sightings Update: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: sea state 2-3, visibility >10km, rain; swell light

One survey was undertaken yesterday during which our Living Seas Volunteer spotted five bottlenose dolphins including one juvenile.  They were observed foraging and leaping whilst travelling in a south easterly direction.  There were also several sightings of Atlantic grey seals along the coast totaling 10 individuals.  Records of jellyfish are continuing with large numbers of compass and barrel jellyfish being spotted.

Sightings Update 14/07/19: The Cardigan Bay Big Three

Weather conditions: sunny, Sea state 2/3, Wind direction NE/NW

Our Living Seas volunteers conducted two boat surveys on board the Anna Lloyd with dolphin survey boat trips. The Cardigan Bay big three were seen with one harbour porpoise, six bottlenose dolphins and five Atlantic grey seals were seen. Bottlenose dolphins were seen bow riding and foraging, Atlantic grey seals were seen bottling and the porpoise was seen surfacing briefly.

Sightings Update 12/07/2019: Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: fair/overcast, Sea state 3-4, Wind direction N/NW

Our Living Seas volunteers conducted four surveys yesterday. Two Atlantic grey seals made a brief appearance in two of the surveys. One was seen surfacing briefly and the other was seen surfacing and swimming. 

Sightings Update: 31/05/2019: Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: Sea state 1-3, Visibility >10km, Light/Medium swell

 Despite the rough seas one of our Living Seas volunteers conducted a boat survey aboard the Sulaire. Two Atlantic grey seals, were spotted one hauled out and the other bottling in the water. Gannets were also seen diving.