Sightings Update 05/07/2018: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: No precipitation, Sea state 1-2, Visibility >1-10km

One boat survey was conducted yesterday, which was successful in recording sightings of bottlenose dolphins as well as Atlantic grey seals. During the 2-hour trip, 4 dolphin groups (including adults, juveniles and calves) were spotted, all travelling in a Northerly direction. In addition we had more sightings of grey seals in the water.

Sightings Update 03/07/2018: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seal

Weather conditions: No precipitation, Sea state 2-3, Visibility >10km

Our Living Seas volunteers boarded the Anna Lloyd, Dolphin Survey Boat Trips, yesterday for a two-hour trip down the coast. Bottlenose dolphins were sighted over the course of the survey, with one group, including a juvenile, foraging within 60m of the boat. A lone female Atlantic grey seal was also observed, bottling in the water.

Sightings Update 02/07/2018: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic grey seal

Weather conditions: No precipitation, Sea state 3-4; Medium swell, Visibility >10km

Despite a choppy sea state our LivingSeas volunteers were able to spot a few groups of Bottlenose dolphins and an Atlantic grey seal on their Dolphin Survey Boat Trip yesterday. Groups of two to six dolphins were observed foraging, leaping, milling, and even approaching the boat on several occasions. The seal was spotted swimming West.

Sightings Update 29/06/2018: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic grey seal

Weather conditions:  No precipitation, 0/8 Cloud cover, Sea state 0-1, Visibility >10km

Our LivingSeas volunteers had a successful boat survey trip yesterday. A total of eight dolphins were spotted throughout the duration of the trip including three juveniles. The dolphins were observed foraging, lunging, and they came in close contact with the vessel. Additionally, there was a sighting of an Atlantic grey seal that was observed bottling.

Sightings Update 28/06/2018: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: No precipitation, Sea state 1-3, Visibility >10km


Yesterday our volunteers were collecting data whilst on board one of our four hour boat trips. Two groups of dolphins were seen diving and foraging, and a lone seal was spotted in the water. However the most remarkable sighting was of the rarely spotted Sunfish, the first seen by our volunteers this season. Also seen were a plethora of birds including: Kittiwakes, Gannets, Fulmars and Manx Shearwaters.

Sightings Update 26/06/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather Conditions: cloud cover: 0-1, no precipitation, sea state: 0-1, visibility: >10km

Yesterday there were almost perfect surveying conditions; with sunshine, a calm seascape and high visibility. Our volunteers completed two boat surveys, a two hour survey and a three hour survey. The first survey completed was the two hour survey, during this time ten Atlantic Grey Seals were spotted and a range of jellyfish, including Barrel jellyfish and Moon jellyfish. During the three hour survey, six Atlantic Grey Seals were sighted hauled out on rocks and one Bottlenose Dolphin was seen travelling and swimming.

Sightings Update 25/06/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Grey Seals and Harbour Porpoises

Weather Conditions: cloud cover: 1-3, no precipitation, sea state: 0-2, visibility: >10km

We had an all day boat trip yesterday and saw all the Cardigan Bay Big Three: Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Grey Seals and Harbour Porpoises. The Seals were seen both hauled out on the rocks and bottling in the water and the Dolphins displayed a number of behaviours including foraging, logging and bow riding! Sightings also included Herons, Manx Shearwaters and plenty of jellyfish.

SeaSeal Update 22/06/2018: Atlantic Grey Seals and Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather conditions: sunny, sea state 4, wind direction N

Our #SeaSeal volunteer headed up to Birds Rock early yesterday morning to conduct seal survey. Four Atlantic grey seals were sighted in the water: two seen bottling (pictured) throughout the entire 2 hour survey and two swimming past Birds Rock. Bottlenose dolphins were seen, with one mother and calf foraging close to the rocks for a short time. A variety of birds were also observed, including several gannets, fulmars, choughs and a peregrine falcon flying past!!

Sightings Update 19/06/2018: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seal

Weather Conditions: No precipitation/heavy cloud cover, sea state 1-3, visibility 1-10km to >10km

A dolphin survey boat trip was able to run yesterday afternoon. The state of the water started out calm and glassy then quickly became choppy with small waves due to the wind picking up. During the trip, our Living Seas Volunteer sighted a group of four dolphins. There were three adults and one juvenile. They were observed leaping, milling about, and travelling eastward. Two gannets were seen above the group. Later on in the boat trip an Atlantic Grey seal was spotted in the water. An Oystercatcher was also seen during the trip.

Sighting Update 18/06/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins & Atlantic Grey Seal

Weather Conditions: Overcast, Sea State 1-3, Wind direction: S-W

Our #livingseas volunteers were lucky enough to see dolphins on every survey yesterday, and an Atlantic Grey Seal just off the sea wall. The dolphins were particularly energetic, leaping and swimming quickly throughout the day. They were also seen socialising in the bay in the evening. Furthermore we saw 16 Common Scooters, and a number of diving Gannets.