Sightings Update 25/05/2019: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: Fair/Overcast, Sea state 0-1, Wind direction SW-NW.

Our Living seas volunteers conducted five surveys yesterday. Bottlenose dolphins were sighted early in the morning then later again in the afternoon. They were seen leaping and spent a lot of time foraging around the cardinal buoy. One Atlantic grey seal was also briefly spotted off the harbour wall in the morning.

Sightings Update: 20/05/2019: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: Sea state 2, Visibility >10km, Light swell


One of our Living Seas volunteers conducted a boat survey aboard the Sulaire yesterday. Three bottlenose were spotted milling around the cardinal buoy and a further six individuals were spotted down by Ynys Lochtyn leaping and surrounding the boat.

Two female seals were seen hauled out by bird rock – one was pregnant.

Sightings Update 08/05/2019: Bottlenose dolphins & Atlantic grey seal

Weather conditions: Overcast with rain at times, Sea state 3 becoming 1 from midday, Wind direction SE backing S.

There were poor conditions for our Living seas volunteers yesterday with rain and mist at times. Despite this bottlenose dolphins were spotted during each of our surveys socialising and foraging throughout the bay. Several small groups were seen with fourteen dolphins present during the day. In the late afternoon an Atlantic grey seal was observed off the headland.

25/04/2019: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: sea state 2-4, visibility 1-10km, light-medium swell

Two boat surveys were conducted yesterday aboard the Anna Lloyd. A number of Atlantic Grey Seals were seen in the water. During the later survey a number of Bottlenose Dolphins were sighted bow riding and foraging, including one juvenile.

23/04/2019: Atlantic Grey Seals

23/04/2019: Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: sea state 2-3, visibility >10km, light swell

Living Seas volunteers conducted two boat surveys aboard the Anna Lloyd. Three Atlantic Grey Seals were spotted swimming and logging.

Sightings Update 11/04/2019: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seal

Weather conditions: Sunny, sea state 1-2, wind direction SE changing to N/E later in the day

Living seas volunteers conducted surveys from 7am – 7pm and spotted Bottlenose dolphins in three out of six surveys. Around seven dolphins were seen throughout the bay with some individuals coming within 20m of the wall. A grey seal was also spotted in one survey just off the headland. A variety of bird life was also seen including gannets, rock pipits and jackdaws. There was a lot of Gull activity on the headland.

Sightings Update 27/03/2019: Bottlenose Dolphins and an Atlantic Grey Seal

Weather conditions: Sunny with light wind, sea state 1, wind direction W

A group of our living seas volunteers conducted 2 surveys from 9 am – 1 pm. There were plenty of dolphins throughout both surveys with two pods joining together to make a total of six Bottlenose Dolphins and a juvenile. A show was put on with a variety of behaviours including leaps, tail slaps, head slaps and flips. A lone Atlantic Grey Seal was spotted in the area throughout the first survey.