Sightings Update 25/09/19: Bottlenose dolphins & Atlantic grey seal

Weather conditions: Fair/overcast, sea state 2/3, wind direction NW backing SW/W

Dolphins were seen intermittently through yesterday’s watches.  A group of 4 were spotted during the first survey foraging by the Cardinal buoy.  During the following survey our Living Seas Volunteer spotted a mother and juvenile and later in the day a solitary dolphin was seen close to the harbour wall. Also an Atlantic grey seal was spotted off Traeth y Dolau before it travelled west in front of the harbour wall.

Sightings Update 21/09/19: Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: Sunny, Sea state 2-4, Wind direction SE


It was a quiet day for our Living Seas volunteers yesterday despite the lovely weather. Four surveys were conducted from 9am-5pm yesterday, and two Atlantic Grey Seals were seen in the last two surveys.

Sightings update 08/09/19: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seal

The dolphins were very active at New Quay yesterday being observed socialising and foraging throughout our survey periods.  Our Living Seas volunteers recorded up to 18 individuals including at least one juvenile.  They remained off shore between the headland and the Cardinal Buoy.  During the morning watch  one female watch Atlantic grey seal was spotted north of the harbour wall and at various times there were sightings of barrel jellyfish and one moon jellyfish.

Sightings Update 06/09/2019: Bottlenose Dolphin and an Atlantic Grey Seal

Weather conditions: Overcast with rainy spells in the morning, turning to fair later on, sea state 2-4, Wind direction Variable.

Our Living Seas volunteers only carried out two full surveys yesterday (9am – 11am and 3pm – 5pm) due to poor weather conditions. Only one bottlenose dolphin was seen foraging in one survey, and an Atlantic Grey Seal was also seen bottling.

Sightings Update 4/09/19: Bottlenose dolphins; Atlantic grey seal

Weather conditions: Overcast at first brightening later with sunny periods; sea state 3/4; wind direction W/SW

Two bottlenose dolphins were observed early during our 7am survey close to the harbour wall but they travelled quickly NW towards the headland.  Mid morning dolphins reappeared with a group of three being observed by our Living Seas Volunteers socialising and foraging just off the end of the harbour wall where they remained for over four hours.  One dolphin remained through our final survey  until just before 7pm.  The high winds also brought in some interesting birds with views of Arctic Skuas including one dark phase, multiple migrating sandwich terns and a sighting of a Sabine’s gull a rare vagrant.

Sightings Update: 26/08/19: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: Sea state 0-3, Visibility 1-10/>10, Light swell

Two boat surveys were also carried out on board the Anna Lloyd. Our volunteers were out on deck keeping a look out, where they spotted Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seals in both trips. A total of 8 Atlantic Grey Seals and 10 Bottlenose dolphins were spotted in the first trip and 4 Atlantic Grey Seals and 13 Bottlenose dolphins were spotted in the second trip.