Island Five


Pack Your Sense of Adventure and get ready for the Island 5 experience.

Stay on Skomer overnight and witness magnificent sunsets

There is so much to see and do on our amazing Skomer and Skokholm Islands. Skomer offers great opportunities for day trips and even better overnight stays, Skokholm Island is wilder and further out so offers slightly longer stays (3 -4 nights) but no day trips.

The Island 5 is a fantastic ‘Top 5’ campaign featuring amazing wildlife, activities, events, experiences not to be missed throughout 2015!

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s on offer…


Island 5 – Wildlife Highlights

1. Manx Shearwaters

Manx Shearwater by Nigel McCall

Manx Shearwater by Nigel McCall

2. Atlantic Grey Seals

3. Puffins

4. Harbour Porpoise

5. Fulmar


Island 5 – Events

1. Shearwater Week (Skomer)

2. History walks and Lichen talks in September (Skomer and Skokholm)

3. Guided Birdwatching Weekends (Skomer and Skokholm)

4. August Island Adventures (Skomer)

5. Exclusive Access Monday Walks (Skomer)


Island 5 – Activities

1. Photography

2. Wildlife Watching

3. Family Trails (Skomer)

4. Exploring the islands paths & history

5. Watching sun set over the sea


Island 5 – Experiences

1. Island life Seal for shop

2. Seal Singing

3. Wildlife log with island staff

4. Wild night life with Manx Shearwaters

5. Witness Puffins returning to the island with beaks full of sand eels


Island 5 – Stay and Unwind A sea of red campion on Skomer

1. Find your perfect island spot and get lost in a book

2. Meet new friends

3. Watch amazing sunsets

4. Re-connect with the wonder of nature at day or night

5. Educate your mind by learning about the island’s wildlife and history. Feed your soul with breath-taking views and memorable wildlife experiences

For further information regarding this campaign, experiences or events please watch our Island events page.

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