Our Wardens are Back on Skomer Island

Skomer Island by Mike Alexander

Skomer Island by Mike Alexander

Seals Hauled Out on North Haven Beach

Seals Hauled Out on North Haven Beach

After the weather windows forecast continually deteriorating and disappearing, last Sunday we saw a possible chance and took it! We scrambled to do our last fresh food shop, and first thing on Monday 6th we moved all our food and worldly possessions onto Martin’s Haven beach.

It wasn’t an ideal day for it, with rain all through the morning making everything wet before we’d even got it in the boat. But, as soggy as we and everything was, we were happy to be heading out.

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We are pleased to report no major damage to the buildings, so we are busy cleaning, and getting ready for volunteers and guests.

The weather has been a bit of a challenge this March, it has been windy, cold and very wet - everything is muddy and we are really hankering for some sunshine. Yesterday we heard an enormous bang (not the firing range for once) and shortly after the heavens opened. It haled so hard that even the seals on the beach raced into the water in confusion.

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We have good numbers of seals, some of whom have been extremely curious as to what we're up to, following us in the boat, and daring each other to come closest to us up the beach. (so far, they have restrained from hijacking our boat as in previous years.)

Short eared owls, multiple hen harriers (all females) and kestrels have all been hunting around the farm almost every day, and on the cliffs the ravens are already nesting. The fulmars have been as reliably present as ever, and the auks and kittiwakes have been back on the cliffs the last few days. There have been a few puffins hanging around the island, and we spotted a few manxies out to sea. On the ponds we've had good numbers of snipe, and unusually for us we've had three wigeon and a couple of teal, and a black redstart yesterday in North Haven.

It's lovely to be back, and we're all looking forward to seeing you all this year!