Our Fundraising Target

Our total fundraising target is £250,000.

This is broken down into three main topics:

  •     Restoration of the farm complex and Bird Observatory status
  •     Purchase of the lighthouse and surrounding land
  •     Renovation/upgrade of the lighthouse

Restoration of the farm and bird observatory status

We estimate the total costs of this part of the project at £40,000, to complete the work already started by the volunteers. This comprises:

Cottage renovations/ furnishing/ conversion of Angel loft into an office - £30,000
Re-roofing wardens quarters and kitchen in wheelhouse - £2,000
Water supply and infrastructure relating to that - £25,000
Conversion of cottage toilet to wet room - £1,000
Alterations to garage for more storage - £500
Bird observatory equipment - £3,000
Refurbishment of warden’s room - £1,000
Additional fridges/ freezer and sundries - £1,000
Stripping and re-rendering exterior wheelhouse wall £500

Total: £64,000
Current funds (already held by Trust): £25,000
Fundraising target: £40,000

Purchase of lighthouse and surrounding land

We estimate the costs of purchase at £100,000

Renovation/ upgrade of lighthouse

This is the most difficult item to estimate.

The current accommodation in the lighthouse is very basic.  The décor is utilitarian, and most of the larger spaces are filled with operational equipment, some of which is now unused, but difficult to remove- such as three very large compressors. We also want to use the opportunity to produce interpretation within the lighthouse itself to explain its interesting history and heritage.Lighthouse in sunset

For immediate repairs, furnishings and interpretation, without upgrading the accommodation, we estimate that we need in the region of £20,000 - £30,000.  We would also like to remove the compressors and convert the engine room (the biggest space) into a living room, as well as upgrade the power supply and water storage and treatment, but we estimate that this would cost another £40,000 - £80,000.

If the amount raised through the appeal is more than we need initially, the excess money is kept in a ring-fenced account and will only be used for Skokholm.

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