Jellyfish Sightings

The INTERREG IIIA Irish Sea Leatherback Turtle Project is a collaboration between the University of Wales Swansea and University College Cork. Its aim is to understand the populations, origins and behaviour of leatherback turtles in the Irish Sea.


At present our understanding of the distribution and abundance of jellyfish in the Irish Sea remains limited. For example, we know how many species there are and have a basic understanding of their life history, but we still do not know why they occur in incredible numbers in some areas but are absent from others. As to why this information is important for the study of leatherback turtles in the Irish Sea, the answer is simple…..they feed almost entirely on jellyfish!

And that’s where you can help… any sighting of a jellyfish, whether it is stranded on a beach, or whether you saw one while you were diving or from your boat, is hugely important to this project.

By reporting a jellyfish sighting or stranding you are contributing to the successful understanding of leatherback turtle behaviour, and hence their conservation.