Sightings Update 19/12/19: Bottlenose dolphins & Atlantic grey seal

Weather: Sunny at first turning to rain later; sea state 1-2; wind S/SE
An improvement in the weather today allowed us to undertake two surveys. During the 9am survey three bottlenose dolphins were observed foraging off the headland. Later a female Atlantic grey seal was spotted scanning the shoreline off Dolau Beach. She then made her way towards the Cardinal Buoy.

Sightings Update 02/12/2019: Harbour Porpoise

Weather Conditions: sunny, sea state 1, wind direction none/SE

A lovely autumn morning here in New Quay and our Living Seas volunteers conducted a survey 9am-11am. A lone harbour porpoise was spotted foraging close to the headland. Volunteers also spotted over 100 common scoter.

Sightings Update 29/11/2019: Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather Conditions: sunny, sea state 0-2, wind direction SE

After a few surveys with no marine mammal sightings our Living Seas volunteers spent fours hours watching a group of dolphins, conducting two surveys. The dolphins were very active, leaping and lunging out of the water as well as foraging across the bay.

Sightings Update 18/11/19: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather: Sunny. sea state 2. wind south at first swinging to Northerly later.

During a survey this morning a group of four bottlenose dolphins were observed crossing the bay.  They were about 800 metres off shore and made slow leisurely progress in a westerly direction surfacing intermittently.

Sightings Update 15/11/2019: Atlantic grey seals

Weather Conditions: Fair/overcast, sea state 4, Wind N/NE

Our Living Seas volunteers conducted two surveys between 9am-1pm. Two bottlenose dolphins were spotted just before the start of the first survey so they couldn’t be counted! Both volunteers spotted a lone Atlantic grey seal in the water near the harbour wall.

Sightings Update 07/11/19: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather Conditions: Fair/sunny, sea state 2-3, Wind W/SW

A group of 4 dolphins including one juvenile was observed foraging in the vicinity of the Cardinal Buoy at about 9.15.  They remained for about 30 minutes before travelling west across the bay and past the headland.  Two turnstones were also spotted feeding at the base of the harbour wall.

Sightings Update 04/11/19: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seal

Weather conditions: fair/raining, sea state 2, wind direction S/SE

 Our 2019 research season has ended however, our Living Seas volunteers will continue to conduct land based surveys when the weather is suitable. Two surveys were conducted from 9am-1pm despite the rain. One seal was spotted close to the harbour wall and two dolphins were seen briefly in the second survey.

Sightings Update 03/11/19: Bottlenose Dolphins & Atlantic grey seal

Weather conditions: Overcast clearing to become sunny, sea state 2, wind SW swinging to NW

Bottlenose dolphins were seen by our Living Seas Volunteers during both of yesterday’s surveys.  A group of 3 dolphins were seen intermittently foraging and socialising off the headland.  Two Atlantic grey seals were also spotted during the 9am watch with one bottling close to the harbour wall.

Sightings Update 1/11/19: Bottlenose Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise and Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: overcast/raining, sea state 1-3, wind direction S/SW

Our Living Seas volunteers conducted four surveys from 9am-5pm and spotted the Cardigan Bay Big Three! Groups of dolphins were seen foraging across the bay. A number of the dolphins were observed leaping, lunging and splashing the water. A lone harbour porpoise was spotted briefly during the second survey of the day. Two seals were also spotted close to the harbour wall.