Sightings 18/08/19: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather Conditions: sunny/fair, sea state 1-2 in sheltered bays, 4/5 off headlands, wind direction N backing SW

Our Living Seas volunteers on board the Anna Lloyd and Sulaire yesterday had numerous encounters with bottlenose dolphins.  Over the two trips there were 18 sightings totalling 32 individuals including two calves.  The animals were observed mostly foraging and feeding but at times they provided passengers with exciting leaps and tail slaps.

Sightings Update 13/08/2019: Bottlenose dolphins, Harbour porpoise and Atlantic grey seals

Weather conditions: Sea state 2-3, Visibility >10, Light swell

Two Living Seas volunteers conducted two separate two hour boat surveys aboard the Anna Lloyd. Both trips were sunny and a range of wildlife was seen. 14 Bottlenose dolphins were seen between the two trips, they were seen foraging and leaping out of the water. 3 Harbour porpoise were seen between the two trips, they were seen foraging and travelling. 2 Atlantic grey seals were also seen on one of the trips, and they were seen swimming and bottling.

Sightings Update: 04/08/2019: Bottlenose Dolphins

Weather conditions: Sea state 2-4, Visibility >10, Light swell

One of our living Seas volunteers conducted a four hour boat survey on board the Anna Lloyd with dolphin survey boat trips. Five groups of bottlenose dolphins were seen during the survey foraging and leaping.

Sightings Update 03/08/19: Bottlenose dolphins & Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: Sea state 1-3, Visibility >10/1-10, Light swell

Three volunteers conducted an all day boat survey on board the Anna Lloyd with Dolphin Survey Boat Trips. It was a busy survey as they had 13 separate encounters of both bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seals. The dolphins were seen leaping right in front of the boat. Altogether they spotted 33 dolphins and 3 Atlantic grey seals.