Wildlife Gardening for Everyone and Everything


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If you want to attract more bees, birds, frogs and hedgehogs into your garden, look no further than Wildlife Gardening for Everyone and Everything. Kate Bradbury offers tips on feeding your neighbourhood wildlife and explains how you can create the perfect habitats for species you’d like to welcome into your garden.With handy charts tailored to the needs of every size and style of garden, this easy-to-use book also includes practical projects such as making bee hotels or creating wildlife ponds, compost corners and wildflower meadows, as well as fact files for the UK’s most common garden species.

Everyone can garden with wildlife in mind, and in this practical new guide, Kate has teamed up with the Wildlife Trusts and the RHS to help you discover how you can make your garden, balcony, doorstep or patio a haven for garden wildlife.

Table of contents

1. Wildlife gardening for…. POLLINATORS
Introduction to bees and other pollinators. Explains how to attract them into the garden, with projects including how to make and maintain a bee hotel, hoverfly lagoon and bee bank.

2. Wildlife gardening for…. BIRDS
Introduction to birds and how to attract them, which food and nesting habitats to provide. Projects include how to make a bird box and bird bath.

3. Wildlife gardening for…. AMPHIBIANS
Introduction to amphibians and the variety of habitats that they need throughout the year. Explains how to dig a suitable pond.

4. Wildlife gardening for…. REPTILES
Introduction to reptiles, explaining which are likely to be found in a garden and what to feed them. Will include how to make a reptile tin.

5. Wildlife gardening for…. BEETLES
Introduction to beetles and why we should encourage them. Projects include how to make a beetle bank and bug hotel.

6. Wildlife gardening for…. MAMMALS
Introduction to the mammals that can be found in the garden and how to attract them, with a focus on hedgehogs as they are in decline. Explains how to make a hedgehog box and what to feed them and other mammal visitors.

7. Wildlife gardening for…. WASPS
Introduction to wasps and how important they are to the environment. Explains how to create habitats and encourage them to use your bee hotel.

8. Wildlife gardening for…. FLIES
Introduction to different types of fly and why they’re important to the garden ecosystem.

9. Wildlife gardening for…. TRUE BUGS
Introduction on bugs, including aphids, shield bugs, pond skaters and water boatmen. Explanation on what they do and how to create habitats for them.

10. Wildlife gardening for…. SPIDERS
Introduction to explain the different types of spider and their role in the garden. Will show how to create habitats for spiders in different sized spaces.

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