The Wild Plants of Llantrisant Common and Y Gweira


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For well over 600 years, cattle and horses have roamed over the common land immediately north of the ancient hilltop settlement of Llantrisant in South Wales. This long history of grazing, together with continued stewardship by generations of the town’s Freemen, has resulted in the survival of a rich array of flowering plants and ferns, as well as other wildlife.

In this book, David Barden celebrates this diversity by describing the result of a nine-year study of the wild plants of Llantrisant Common and the adjoining Wildlife Trust nature reserve of Y Gweira. Detailed information about the preferred habitats and distributions of the plants are combined with identification tips, over 350 photographs, and historical notes drawn from local sources and residents’ memories.

The result is an in-depth portrait of a beautiful and fascinating place that is both a valuable wildlife site (recognised as a SSSI) and a cherished open space for many Llantrisant residents.

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