The Owl House


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For twenty-five years Daniel Butler has lived in the Cambrian Mountains near Rhayader, absorbing the world around him and charting its changes, slow and rapid. His passion for keeping hawks was compounded by two wild birds, barn owls which nested at his farm and became increasingly tame and familiar with him and his family.

Charting his relationship with his birds The Owl House is also a pastoral exploration of Daniel’s locale, rich as it is in wildlife of all kinds. In it he roams the mountains and forests, takes trips to the coast, encounters all manner of animals and birds, and grows to understand the relationship between the local people and their surroundings.

These multiple and interwoven themes result in a rich and vividly written portrait of one of the most remote and sparsely populated areas of Britain, broad in its horizons yet full of fascinating detail. The Owl House is an evocative and informative book which can only have been lived to accrue the stories and observations of the natural world which it contains.

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