The Hedgerow Handbook


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The ideal backpack companion for country walks and hedgerow foraging.

The hedgerow – the most iconic and distinctive feature of the British countryside. So familiar that we often take it for granted. Take a closer look though and you’ll see that the diversity and variety of plant species that form hedgerows, and the animals and insects they shelter, are a complete world of delight. Right under your nose.

Angelica to ash, bird cherry to borage, pineapple weed to plantain and wild garlic to wimberries, this book is a directory of our best known and most useful hedgerow plants, each entry illustrated in colour to help you identify the plant or flower, along with its history and folklore, and its culinary and medicinal uses.

In The Hedgerow Handbook, Adele Nozedar revisits the wild and natural hedgerow ingredients that our grandmothers used on a regular basis, but with a fresh and contemporary twist. The hedgerow has more exotic possibilities than you could ever imagine – how about trying Spicy Ash Key Pickle? Or Beechnut Turron, Red Clover Lemonade or Wild Raspberry Vodka?

  • A fully illustrated guide to British hedgerows and their plants – and how to use them
  • Full of original, unusual and traditional recipes – from Rose Petal Turkish Delight to Elderflower Champagne and more
  • Fine watercolour and line drawings for easy plant identification

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