Save a Squirrel – Red Squirrel Adoption Pack

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales is inviting you to adopt a red squirrel, this will help support our project in the Tywi Forest which supports and monitors the red squirrel population in this area and is a part of the Mid Wales Red Squirrel Project

What you’ll receive in your adoption pack:

    • Introductory letter
    • Personalised Certificate
    • Fact Sheet
    • Cuddly Red Squirrel Soft Toy

Once a year you will receive a report on the adopted animal.

You can order your adoption by filling in the boxes below, or download the Application Form for Adoptions and send it to the address below.

The Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales
The Welsh Wildlife Centre
SA43 2TB
Tel 01239 621600

Our supporters fund a large amount of the Trust’s work – every single adoption does make a difference!

Orders are normally dispatched within 5-7 days.

Free UK delivery available on orders over £45.

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