Badger Adoption


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By adopting a badger you will help with our work promoting a Tuberculosis vaccine as a viable alternative to culling.

badger nose by Sinead Lynch

Badger at the Welsh Wildlife Centre by Sinead Lynch

The adopter will receive an adoption pack containing

• A welcome letter
• Adoption certificate
• Fact sheet on your adopted animal
• Soft toy badger

Once a year you will receive a report on the adopted animal and, where badgers are concerned, we will update you on the progress of the vaccination program and how our badgers are getting on in Wales

If you are giving the adoption as a gift, please make sure that you put the recipient’s name in the ‘delivery address’ box to ensure that the certificate is in the correct name. The adoption pack should be received within 7 working days of order. For further enquiries please call: 01656 724100 or email

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